The Notorious 300 Trumpets Report by Elisha Goodman

The Notorious 300 Trumpets Report by Elisha Goodman

Or you could rise up like a hungry lion, with a devastating prayer bullet (like this one) at the midnight hour…

Every power sending the arrow of death to me, receive your arrow back in the name of Jesus.”


You have a choice to sit around and engage in a pity party. But look at how effectively one of our prayer warriors did it … with this dynamo of a prayer bullet:

“Every pursuing Pharaoh, release my life and die in the name of Jesus.”


Here’s how she began to pray … at the midnight hour:

“You powers strengthening my problems, be wasted in the name of Jesus.”


Do you have stubborn, iron-like problems right now? You can call into action this type of prayer bullets below…

(And oh, they are called bullets because they are short, sharp and extremely powerful in bringing answers to your prayers):

“I fire back every arrow of the enemy in my dreams in the name of Jesus.”

“My God shall arise and my enemies shall scatter in the name of Jesus.”

“Every witchcraft battle at the edge of my breakthroughs, die in the name of Jesus.”

“My life, begin to operate under divine open heavens in the name of Jesus.”

“Pentecostal fire of the upper room, envelop me now in the name of Jesus.”


This is the kind of prayers that destroys invisible satanic barriers, clears away every obstacle on your way of progress, and forms a protective covering around you and your loved ones … so that deadly spiritual arrows cannot locate you.


Dear Christian soldier, when life gets you down and your days grow heavy with worry or crowded with problems, remember to stare those challenges in the eye and declare like Prophet Elijah:

“O thou that trouble my Israel, my God shall trouble you today.”


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