Spiritual Environmental Cleaning Prayers

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If you notice these things happening repeatedly, you need to carry out what is referred to as, “Spiritual Environmental Sanitation.” 

Here’s how to do it:

Pick a date when you could have a very light dinner (or none at all).

Just before going to bed, do these 7 things:

1. Start by singing praises to God.

2. Open your Bible to Psalm 91 and read the    whole chapter out loud (this is one of the most    powerful ‘covering’ Scriptures in the Bible).

3. Symbolically sprinkle the blood of Jesus  upon your land (your land is the spiritual
space God has allocated to you).

4. Ask the blood of Jesus to begin to speak   over your land (Heb. 12:24 says the blood
speaks, you know).

5. Address the gates and high places of your  land using Ps 24:7. Note: This scripture is one  of the keys in the Bible that you can use to  open gates and doors in the spirit.

6. Ask the LORD to despatch His angels to bring you blessings without any hindrances. Please note  that sometimes angels can be hindered and  prevented from bringing your blessings in time.

This is what happened to Daniel in the Bible.

7. Give thanks to God and close with praises.


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